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Newsight 3d Monitor

  • on 2553/09/11
  • Newsight 3d Monitor

    2 year old autostereoscopic 3D no glasses parallax barrier type monitor with 8 views. Demos and software player included. Various vendors can provide new content or Maya and Max plugins to make your own.

    24 inch 3D monitor needs no glasses

    Based on Samsung Syncmaster

    Parallax Barrier Type

    Comes with software and 3D demos

    Hyundai 3D Monitor

  • on 2553/08/31
  •  Hyundai IT America W240S 24-Inch Wide 2D / 3D LCD Monitor

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    Hyundai' s 24-Inch Wide LCD 2D/3D Monitor, 1920x1200, 6ms, 3000:1(DCR), 500cd/m2, HDMI/Component/D-sub 15, 2 x USB 2.0, Speakers(3Wx2), Tilt Stand Power Cable, Analog/DVI Cable, 3D Polarizing Filter Glass, CD User's Manual, Audio Cable. Comes with 3D glasses.

    Customer Reviews

    Great First Step into 3D
    Great value, providing alternative approach to high resolution 3D display and gaming. Interlaced circular polarization display enables use of passive glasses, versus the heavier, more cumbersome active glasses associated the pending generation of 120 Hz 3D HDTVs. The display has slight left/right eye bleed-through (ghosting) with high contrast images (like stereo test images), but most current and emerging 3D display technologies have varying levels of this ghosting present. 3D images from a 3D camera like the FujiFilm W1 digital camera look great on this display. The TriDef software associated with the display includes support for almost 200 PC games. With an appropriately scaled graphics card, the dynamic response and high resolution of the display enable comfortable, truly emersive 3D gaming over extended periods of time.

    Alienware 3D Monitor

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  • Dell Alienware  23-inch 3D Full HD Widescreen Monitor with GeForce 3D Vision Kit

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    Widescreen Monitor The Alienware OptX™ AW2310 23-inch 3D Full HD Widescreen Monitor takes gaming to a whole new level. Fully compatible with NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ technology1, this monitor delivers intense stereoscopic 3D effects2 on hundreds of game and movie titles. With a stunning resolution of 1920x1080 pixels and 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio, it helps users to experience realism with incredible clarity. At a blistering response time of 3 ms (typical) and an 80,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio (max), you will find yourself immersed in an extreme and ultra realistic entertainment experience. At double the refresh rate of standard displays, its ultra-fast 120Hz refresh rate achieves virtually flawless image quality during fast action sequences while also enabling the display’s 3D capabilities2. This product comes with 3-Year Warranty. 1 NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision Kit Including Glasses and Emitter is included in this bundle. 2 Stereoscopic 3D requires optional NVIDIA 3D Vision Kit and a desktop system with Dual-Link DVI Ports and a compatible NVIDIA graphics solution. For a full list of requirements please visit: NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision Kit Give a new level to your 3D experience with the GeForce 3D Vision Kit including glasses and emitter from NVIDIA. The 3D glasses help you to watch hundreds of PC games, movies, and digital photographs together in eye popping interactive 3D. Moreover, the LCD shutter glasses with built-in electronics support the latest 120 Hz LCDs to give you a pure visual delight. Furthermore, the wireless 3D glasses, designed after modern sunglasses, are comfortable and fully adjustable.

    Acer 3D monitor

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  • Acer GD235HZbid Widescreen 23.6" ,3D LCD Display

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    The 23.6" Widescreen 3D LCD MONITOR is designed for the graphics-intensive, win-or-lose moments of today's fastest high-def 3D games
    Customer Reviews
    Excellent 3D monitor with Full HD resolution

    I bought this monitor simply to pair it up with the nVidia 3D vision gaming. I considered the following to upgrade my 22" Samsung 206BW -

    I needed something to hook up my Xbox360 and PC to and play in 3D. This was the answer for $100 more than the Samsung/Viewsonic and totally worth it - you get FULL HD resolution - 1920x1080 [ vs 1680x1050 from Samsung/Viewsonic ], you get 24" ( 23.6" technically ) [ vs 22" ], you get 3 ( yes, THREE ! ) inputs [ 1 dual-link DVI, 1 HDMI and 1 VGA vs 1 DVI from Samsung/Viewsonic ], PLUS an audio out cable so you can send the HDMI audio signal to good external speakers, AND it has external controls for all settings, unlike the Samsung/Viewsonic so its easy to adjust.
    All this means, the Acer is a phenomenal value over the Samsung/Viewsonic anyday if you need more than 1 Input.
    After I repartitioned my Linux to make space for Windows 7 and I got grub2 going again to boot up Win XP, Win 7 and Linux, I tried out the monitor in each of the 3 environments.
    Its got a problem in Linux when switching virtual consoles. If you stick with the X-console ( the VC that runs the Xserver ), you will be fine, but switch to one of the other VC's and X locks up. I'm using the latest nvidia drivers from the restricted repo in Ubuntu. However, it works quite well at 1920x1080. The colors are crisp and vivid, however, unless you adjust the settings a bit, the text can be bit small/fuzzy. A little Xconfig ( via nvidia control ) tweaking and it looked great. I think it looked better than my 22" Samsung and I had great real estate. Easily fits 3 terminals side by side. !!!
    Then tried WinXP and it worked great too at 1920x1080. Just ensure ClearType LCD effect is on and fonts render crisp and sharp. Gaming response was terrific ( 2ms ) but I already had 2ms gaming before. No ghosting.
    Then, I finally tried out the piece de la resistance - Windows 7 with 3-D glasses. Win 7 looked amazing ( the wallpaper looked breathtakingly good ) and installed the 3D stereo driver. After calibration, the first image popped up of Burnout and it looked PHENOMENAL. I was simply blown away. I did game in 3D almost 10 years ago on my eDimensional 3D glasses with CRT back then and after a decade, I was seeing 3D at home again !!! WHAT A FEELING... 3D is the future. Its just .... incredible. Its gotta be seen to believe it. Anyone thinking its a gimmick, well, you don't know what you're missing out. Too bad.
    Now, mind you, nothing pops 'out' of the screen. i.e. nothing crosses your screen boundary. You get an immense sense of depth - like you're looking out a window with objects correctly positioned in front and behind. In effect, your screen feels like it goes beyond for a huge distance.
    Also, there's a few seconds of screen going blank as the display switches to 120Hz and when it switches back.
    I tried out the picture packs and some demo videos ( which didn't play for some reason even though I tried out the nvidia stereo player. I think its because it can only be 3D in full screen mode because refresh rate has to be 120Hz whereas in window mode, you can't have that ). I tried out Half Life: Portal and it looked AWESOME in 3D. The portals took on a whole new life.
    I don't think however, you can game for more than an hour or two at most in 3D. Its somewhat taxing on the brain. ( which is a good thing btw ). Also, you're stuck with nVidia and the few 120Hz LCD monitors but this isn't a drawback at all. Its bad for the market, but good for them.

    In conclusion - this ACER monitor is a good buy and I wholly recommend it. 5/5 stars.

    Nice Monitor Lousy Stand
    I had been waiting and I was very excited to get this monitor. I had just bought Avatar the game and was anxious to play it 3D. The monitor did not disappoint. The Nvidia set up was seamless and in no time I was running and jumping and shooting in the world of Pandora in 3d. It absolutely enhances the gaming experience. The problem occurred when I stopped playing games and wanted to physically position the monitor to do work. It's currently set up with a dual monitor configuration juxtapose to a slightly larger 24 inch monitor. Unfortunately The screen objects were not lining up properly. That's when I realized that there was no vertical adjustment on the stand. The vertical adjustment on my 24 inch was a low as it could go so I had to prop the ACER monitor on to of some books so the my screen objects would line up properly (yuck!!).
    Be careful when you play 3d games on this monitor, It can cause motion sickness and nausea. I currently have to limit my 3D game play to about an hour (which is probably a good thing).
    Decent monitor, great for 3D. Annoying hum/noise


    - Nice size and resolution. I upgraded from a 22" 16:10 Widscreen LCD and this seems about the same height, but has more horizontal space due to the 16:9 resolution.
    - Good colors, image quality, black levels.
    - 3D gaming immersive experience


    - My monitor seems to have a very annoying humming noise whenever the screen is showing a lot of black or certain composition of colors. You can "hear" the monitor while you scroll down webpages, and it's rather annoying and I'm wondering if I have a defective unit.

    - Gaming in 3D isn't always perfect. Not sure if it is the 3D Vision technology or the monitor, but some games are much more suspect to image ghosting than others. Overall the 3D works well, but sometimes you cannot set the depth very high due to the image ghosting effect in some games.

    - No adjustments for stand

    - HDMI input lacks image/color quality, the DVI connection looks a lot better.

    - No USB connections

    The monitor is overall good but if you want the best quality, you may want to consider the Alienware OptX AW2310. The build quality is much better, it has USB inputs and adjustable stand, and probably doesn't have this weird buzzing/humming sound.